October 17, 2011

Harry Caray’s Tavern

I remember my first trip to Chicago very well. I was up there on business and thought I would visit an old friend for dinner. The wings that I ate at some bar (that I can’t even remember the name) were made with so much black pepper and other sharp spices that made me halt eating them all together. The last night that I was there I had a similar experience at a different location…hmm. I almost wonder if it’s a regional thing and that Chicago has different taste buds than us east coasters. I mean you seen what they did to pizza, right 🙂

The one place that saved the day was in the middle of my trip at a place called Harry Caray’s (which if you have never seen Will Farrel’s imitation of him, you are missing out). It was located right on Navy Pier, which is a huge tourist spot with carnival rides, shows, fireworks and fun. The place was a very American style bar with a ton of baseball memorabilia, if that sort of thing gets you going. So I sat down at the outside section and waited for my wings to arrive.

They looked a lot better than the ones I ate before. Glistening with the nice red color sauce and the smell that gets me excited. Once I took my first bite I realized why I liked these Chicago wings, but not any others. It was just Frank’s Hot Sauce and butter, nothing fancy, nothing new. It was very enjoyable to eat because I love Frank’s Hot Sauce. But, it was disappointing to know that they couldn’t do anything more to make it their own. The other thing that I found interesting was it was served with celery and carrots, which I see is a popular side around here. Ultimately, I was happy with the wings… and they all went in my belly.

I’m sure that there are other places in Chicago that MUST have good wings, but I have yet to find one. If anyone has any recommendations, please fill me in because right now my views are skewed. I was at least happy that Harry Caray’s was here. Because in the land of distasteful wings, the one that uses just plain Frank’s becomes king.

Harry Caray’s Tavern
700 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 527-9700