November 16, 2011

Don Pablo’s

It is no secret that I visit this restaurant on a weekly basis. With a wing eater such as myself who is constantly frequenting different bars to find the best wing, it is a nice relief to step out and enjoy a different style of meal with the family. But that doesn’t mean my wing craving has to be sacrificed. Nor does it mean that I am going to dismiss these wings as less than quality… no no. There are plenty of chain restaurants that are not up to par with their wing selection, and this is NOT one of them.

Let’s start with discussing the overall visual impression. First and foremost, the wings were very appetizing with a good coating of sauce that sticks nice and neat to each piece. Now the wings here are not the typical flavor you would normally receive from a “buffalo” style sauce (Tabasco, vinegar, etc). But that is to be expected seeing how you’re in a Tex-Mex restaurant. They tend to do things with a bit more spice and Mexican flare like the wings you might find out in Arizona. They only have one Buffalo sauce, and though it only has a mild heat, it makes up for it with flavor. With every bite, you can taste the sweetness of the peppers used along with a hint of garlic and other spices. I prefer to drown the wings myself with extra sauce just so I can find a reason to dip whatever I can into it when finished to keep the flavors going. This is a good sign for a sauce.

As for the actual wing: The meat was very tender and had a great flavor by itself. The skin was a normal crispness with a nice even temperature, so I knew they weren’t sitting for a bit. The wings were a normal size with a 50/50 wing to drum ratio and came with a side of celery which I found to be nice and crispy as well.

Overall, the impression that I got going into the meal was the same when I finished it. As most of you may know, I am more about the flavor of a good wing than the heat. And, Don Pablo’s brings the flavor. So if you have a buddy or family member who is itching for a burrito and you feel like you may not get a night of wings like you hoped, may I recommend swinging into this establishment as they will not disappoint.

UPDATE: How sad was I when I went into Don Pablo’s one day to find out that they GOT RID OF THEIR WINGS (Answer: Very Sad). They still have their “Boneless” version that you can get, but I don’t recommend it because it just tastes like all the other boneless crap that’s out there these days. Needless to say I am muy triste…

Don Pablo’s
1361 Nixon Drive, Moorestown, NJ 08057
(856) 642-6160