February 23, 2012


The other day, I was talking to someone who was boasting about how great the wings were at Prospector’s in Mt. Laurel. Prospector’s is a Steakhouse/Saloon, and was not really the place I would think of to look for good wings. However, the whole reason I started this site was to find great wings in the least likely of places. LongHorn Steakhouse, for example, had KILLER boneless buffalo wings until they removed them from the menu (and I’m still not completely over that one yet). So when I asked what made them so good, he replied that all of the food there is great and that I would be glad that I went. Sounded like a good enough reason to go, so I took the family and headed on in one Saturday evening.

Prospector’s Grille & Saloon is a very rustic place that reminded me of a country restaurant from the South, and if you happen to stroll in on a certain Sunday, you could include yourself in some country line dancing. Seeing how the only Do-Si-Dos I like are cookies sold by Girl Scouts, I made my way to my seat and ordered my wings. They only had one choice for their Buffalo wings: one size, and one sauce. So I left my fate in the hands of the chef, and waited for them to arrive.

According to the menu, I should be getting JUMBO wings with a side of celery and gorgonzola sauce. Wait, what?? That’s right, I said gorgonzola. Now I’m not that smart, but so far that is an Italian cheese in a Southwestern restaurant made to accompany a New York dish. You gotta love this country. Either way, I tossed it aside and moved on to the main course. The wings were only slightly larger than average so I wouldn’t put them in the Jumbo category, but they were actually pretty tasty. The meat was nice and tender but felt kind of slimy, almost as if they were boiled instead of fried (but who knows).

The sauce they used had some good flavor to it, but was different than your average Buffalo. It didn’t really carry any heat whatsoever, and had a very sweet taste more like a honey mustard. I needed to keep dipping the wings into the sauce to keep up with the flavor, because without it, they were a bit bland.

Needless to say, I ate my entire plate and was left with a full stomach, but a mediocre feeling. The wings, overall… were decent. So if you are looking for a night out with some decent wings, country dancing, and old style charm this is definitely the place for you. But if you are on a quest for the greatest wings out there, I would put Prospector’s in your rear view and keep on truckin’.

3050 Rt. 38, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
(856) 235-1121