September 11, 2012

Cap’n Morgan’s Sports & Seafood

On our travels to the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY, we endured a nice little seven hour drive from Jersey. I thought that this would be a great opportunity to stop at some local bars en route to get primed up for the main event, and to also see what New York would bring to the table. I mean, this is roughly the area where Buffalo wings were born, so I was hoping to see some top notch product.

Lunch time grew nearer and the hunger started to set in. By that time we were near Corning, a small town in west New York, so we looked online to see what wing joints were in the area. One bar stood out called Cap’n Morgan’s, and according to their website they had “the best wings in town.” It seemed like a good candidate for our lunch break, so we stepped out of the car, stretched our legs, and made our way into this tiny bar to get some grub.

Cap’n Morgan’s seemed like a pleasant place with its comical menu that offered clever names such as “P’sketti” or silly descriptions like the one for Hot Dog that read “Who let the dogs out? Who…Who?”. The bartender was uber new and was still in training, but lucky for him we were not in any rush to jump back into the car just yet. I ordered up a half dozen wings with Medium sauce and requested the Hot on the side. I was kind of glad, actually, that they offered six wings because I was only lunch hungry and not ready to slam down a full dozen.

The wings came out and looked great, but unfortunately, the good news stops there. The meat on the bone was so tough and dry that it was more like chewing on a slab of beef jerky, and because I wasn’t lost in the desert, it wasn’t that appealing to me. Not to mention that the meat wasn’t even all there. I was duped into thinking that I was picking up a perfectly normal looking wing only to discover that the back was completely missing (see video for a better example of what I mean here, or just for a good laugh).

The sauce that these tasteless wonders were covered in had absolutely no heat for being a Medium, and carried with it a smoky flavor that wasn’t really too tasty. I was not enjoying them in the least, and if it wasn’t for the sheer fact that I needed sustenance in my belly, I would have stopped eating right then and there. All I could do was pour on the Hot sauce that I had waiting and push on through. The Hot had a little heat to it, though I would classify it as more of a Mild than a Hot sauce.

At Cap’n Morgan’s their menu was funny, but these wings were no laughing matter. They were by far the worst wings that I have ever eaten to date, and I was glad that I had Wing Fest coming up ahead to replace this wing nightmare with dreams of rainbows and puppy dog kisses.

Cap’n Morgan’s
36 Bridge Street, Corning, NY 14830
(607) 962-1616