October 18, 2012

Landmark Americana

I was down in Glassboro not too long ago doing some work with the EMS when my stomach made it perfectly clear that it was lunch time. Not only that, but it apparently had already made a deal with my taste buds and together had decided what we were having… so here comes the cravings. WWWWIIINNGS!!! When those cravings come calling I assure you that I answer, and I answer swiftly. Being that I was out of town, I relied on Bob, who was from the area, to direct me to get some good grub which for him seemed like an easy decision: The Landmark Americana.

The Landmark Americana, as it turns out, is a small chain of Restaurant/Bars that are scattered around the Philadelphia area and boast good and natural food with a fun atmosphere. What do I mean by fun? Well how does a 3 foot tower of beer that holds about 10 pints suit ya! It would suit me just fine, but alas, I can’t be having that much fun on just a lunch break, so I kept it simple by ordering a single glass alongside my wings.

Out of the nine flavors they had to choose from, I opted for my ten wings to be tossed in their Medium sauce with a bit of the “I Dare You” on the side. I’m always a little hesitant when I see names like that on the menu, not because it makes me feel like I’m going to burn the heck out of my mouth and throat, but because I feel that they get a little overzealous with the naming of the sauce and the heat won’t actually live up to said name. I’ve been fooled in the past, and now I don’t know what to believe. Nevertheless, I have been dared and I will not back down from a challenge, so it’s time to Bring The Wing.

The wings arrived on a nice culinary style square plate, looked a beautiful red, and smelled delicious (if delicious was a scent, that is). They didn’t have more than a few small sticks of celery with them, but what they lacked in vegetables they made up with in size. The wings were a nice jumbo size, and according to the menu come from chickens that are locally grown, so I guess Lancaster has some pretty big chickens roaming around up there. Either way, they’re dead now and their arms are laying on my plate lookin’ all purdy. And not only did they look the part, they tasted it as well. I mean these things were good. The meat was nice and tender, and the flavor from the sauce was outstanding. The sauce had a beautiful mixture of ingredients that seemed to dance around my taste buds in a unique fashion. The best I can describe it would be if BBQ sauce and Tomato sauce got married, had a kid, and threw that kid in a bottle of Buffalo sauce. Though that kid would probably spend years in therapy, it makes for a great sauce that definitely amped up my wing dish. The only thing left to do now was – dare to try the I Dare You sauce! So dare I did.

The I Dare You sauce was hot, hot, hot! I wouldn’t say that it was insane, or knocking on Hell’s door, but it did what the name suggested: Dared me to try something hot. So the flavor lived up to the name and has restored my hope for appropriately named hot sauces. And not only did it cure one of my weird menu phobias, but it actually tasted great as well. Normally when you increase the heat level of sauces, the hot sensation tends to override the flavor and all you taste is…HOT. But in this case, you have a sauce that tastes just as flavorful as the Medium, but cranks up the heat for all those Heat-Seekers out there that love that sort of thing.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of wings that I received at the Landmark Americana. I’ve had a slew of average wings during my recent travels, so it was nice to dig into something that was very tasty and stood out from the rest. I recommend that you stop by if you’re ever in the area and experience them for yourself.

Landmark Americana
1 Mullica Hill Rd., Glassboro, NJ 08028
(856) 863-6600

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