November 29, 2012

McGlynns Pub

Down in Dover, DE it is near impossible to find a great wing joint. According to my Delawarian friend Doug, this is a deadspot for great food, and anyone else I asked kept returning the same reply: Buffalo Wild Wings or Wings-To-Go. When I venture out, I want to find that hidden gem that only locals know about, not a chain that I have had plenty of times before. So I dove as deep as I could into Google and Yelp, rolled the dice, and came up with McGlynns Pub as my lunch spot for the day.

At first glance, I thought I had the wrong address because all I saw was a large municipal building just sitting on the water’s edge. As I got closer, I noticed the Irish pub tucked away in the corner, and instantly felt relief that I was at the right place. I slipped inside, and on my way over to the bar, I noticed that they have a popcorn machine that dispenses FREE kernels for everyone who desires a little buttery goodness. This, plus the large bar area that overlooked the lake from many glass windows, really added to the ambiance.

I picked up the menu, and out of the three variations of wings (Buffalo, Chipotle BBQ, or Asian Sesame), I went for the classic Buffalo. They are sold by the pound here, so that’s what I got with a side of pub fries and a beer for good measure. The bartender was very friendly using “Honey” and “Sweetie” a bunch of times as well as a word that I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist: “Deliciocious!” And though it made me laugh, this girl was on her “A” game. I saw her start setting an empty spot at the bar with food and drink only for me to later realize that they were for a regular who at that moment just walked into the bar. As I talked to him, he explained that he only gets 30 minutes for lunch so he called ahead and the bartender took care of him. Where else can you find service like that? Now it’s time to check the food.

The wings that I ordered were nothing crazy, just a typical bar wing with a pretty good sauce. Everything about it kept me happy. The meat was just tender enough, the temperature was just right, and the sauce tasted great with a kick of heat. All of this is perfect for when I am going out to a bar and want wings, however in my quest for the best Buffalo wings around, it doesn’t quite measure up to some of the other great wings that I’ve had.

Ultimately, I have to explore Dover some more to see what else is out there. But as far as I’m concerned, McGlynns Pub is a great bar that offers some pretty tasty wings with a great attitude and wonderful atmosphere. Also, while there, try the pub fries and let me know if they taste like animal crackers for you as well… just curious. 🙂

McGlynns Pub
800 North State Street, Dover, DE 19901
(302) 674-0144