March 24, 2013

The Office Beer Bar & Grill

While up in North Jersey for my son’s piano competition (and he rocked it by the way, thanks for asking), we decided to meet up with some friends at The Office in Montclair to get a bite to eat. According to their menu, they have a couple different styles of sauce for the wings: Buffalo, Fireball, Southwest Sweet Heat, Ginger Teriyaki, and Arrogant Bastard BBQ Sauce. You know me, I always tend to stick to the Buffalo style sauces to keep consistent with my reviews, so I ordered the 10 count of Buffalo with a side of the Fireball to sample.

The wings were breaded, and at first glance were huge. When I took a second glance, THEY WERE STILL HUGE. The temperature was just about normal and the tenderness was the same, but size is what stood out the most for me. I dove into the meatiness of the wings each time getting a hint of heat from the sauce. The sauce wasn’t anything to go crazy about, and though The Office claims to be delivering “signature sauces” they are really only delivering what I think to be Franks Red Hot. And as we all love Frank’s, you cannot call it a signature sauce in your establishment if you do not change it up in any fashion. One good note that impressed me, however, is the fact that the sauce didn’t make the breaded wings soggy like most places usually do. This is typically the reason that I don’t order breaded wings over the naked ones, but when they stay crispy even when doused in sauce, like these, then they definitely work.

The wings were pretty standard in almost every direction with the exception of the large size. One downfall: The larger the size, the longer it takes to eat (which is a good thing). But, the longer it takes to eat, the longer the rest of the wings sit around on the plate (which is a bad thing). Because, even though the skin stayed nice and crispy throughout the entirety of the meal, the taste diminished the colder they got.

In a nutshell, The Office brings an okay wing dish that has a couple of perks. Large wings and drums that don’t get soggy is a bonus for sure, but it still doesn’t help enough to bring these wings into super stardom. So, if you are looking to have a good time out with some beer and wings, The Office will give you what you’re after. But don’t expect any more than that.

The Office Beer Bar & Grill
619 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 783-2929