September 26, 2013

Whistlers Inn

Over in Cinnaminson is yet another place that I’ve heard of, called Whistlers Inn, that is supposed to have great wings. During my quest to find wing supremacy, it goes without saying that I will hear once or twice about Jug Handle Inn and how great their wings are. I’ve had them, and have since found out that the old owners of the Jug are the ones who took the great recipe with them… wherever they may be. Well it seems that one owner went to Warwick Tavern and one moved down to Myrtle Beach. But yet another currently owns Whistlers Inn and still serves the original recipe (so you can imagine my excitement).

I ordered the 10 count of the Medium and awaited their arrival. A lot of people swear by the “Bald Eagle” wings and that they are the Whistlers’ claim to fame. This may be true or not, but I do not like to eat SUPER hot wings as I prefer to keep my taste buds intact for the next bite. I also believe that a restaurant which boasts the best wings should have a great original sauce (in mild, med, or hot) as well.

When the wings arrived, they were as I expected. They looked and tasted EXACTLY like the Jug Handle and Warwick Tavern. They were fried to a nice perfection which left a crispy skin to crunch on during each bite. However, the real problem was with the sauce being so watered down that it couldn’t cling to an otherwise perfect wing. That may also be the reason that there is little to no heat. Everything drips off to the bottom of the Styrofoam container. Or, it may be as simple as Whistlers needing to add more spice. I know, I know, “try the Bald Eagle” you say, but every level of heat, even Mild, should carry a kick. Now all that aside, the flavors were a great representation of what Buffalo wings should taste like, and though the thin sauce was a nuisance, I did enjoy eating the wings.

When it comes down to it, my views may have been skewed before even coming to Whistlers Inn with my preconceived excitement of eating the long lost great wing. The way people talk about the Jug’s wings, I felt like I was missing something. In my book, they were good but not stupendous like others had led me to believe. Then when I heard that the mysterious golden recipe went with the old owners when they left, my excitement grew. Ultimately Warwick’s didn’t have it, so I went to Whistlers. What I came to realize was that I was wasting my time chasing a myth, and that the recipe never left, but was in fact at all three restaurants the whole time… It just wasn’t as crazy awesome as everyone made it seem.

Nothing can be said about Whistlers Inn’s wings that hasn’t been said for the Jug Handle and Warwick Tavern. So let me leave you with the rehashed saying that seems to sum them up: “The wings are good, but not good enough to make a special trip for them.”

Whistlers Inn
901 US 130, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
(856) 786-7427