November 30, 2013

45th Street Pub

45th Street Pub is a small bar tucked right off Rt. 130 in Pennsauken that boasts incredible food. Not only do they have a 24lb burger with a 9″ bun, but they also offer a plethora of wing variations to suit almost every need. So, when my buddy Adam suggested this place for our lunch stop, he didn’t have to twist my arm to get me in there.

We made our way in the door and over to the u-shaped bar to grab some grub. But, the real question remained: How good are the wings? Just because you boast good food, doesn’t mean that it is always true. There have been plenty of places I have been to that claimed the same statement and have turned up sour. So when I read “You won’t find better wings than these” written on the menu, I told them to BRING IT!!

Out of the various selections of sauces such as Mild, BBQ, Honey, Garlic, Cajun, Inferno, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili Pepper, and Parmesean Garlic, I chose to order my 10 tossed in their classic Hot. I was also interested in trying the Buffalo Garlic and General Tso’s Wasabi, so I grabbed sides of those as well. The Pub also has a 15 count where you can split the sauces three ways to make your plate a sampler if you can’t decide.

The wings arrived in a big hearty bowl with a spare bowl (same size) for the discards and plenty of napkins. I’m a big fan of a large discard bin because it becomes a pain maneuvering the eaten food around the uneaten food -or- having the bin fill up too quickly. Speaking of the uneaten food, the first thing that caught my eye was the shear size of these bad boys. I’ve only seen a few places that have them larger, such as Rookies Sports Club, but these were definitely close. Each one was also slightly breaded which absorbed the sauce and yet still managed to remain crispy. This is particularly important because almost 80% of the time that wings come breaded, they wind up becoming soggy from the Buffalo sauce. So, I was extremely happy that these didn’t fall victim to that curse, because it showed that somebody in the kitchen knew what they were doing. And that could be confirmed with the initial crunch that started off each bite to this tender, juicy chicken.

The sauce that I chose the wings to be tossed in was called Hot, and I’m glad I did because it wound up being my favorite of the bunch. I also tried the Buffalo Garlic (which took the classic Buffalo flavors and added just the right amount of garlic to it without going overboard) and General Tso’s Wasabi (which I thought would be pretty hot due to the wasabi, but turned out more sweet and sour with only some slight heat). But the Hot was where it was at. The sauce was a perfect balance of heat and flavor. It made my lips sizzle as I took each bite, but still allowed my tongue to get all of the peppery notes that I crave when I think of Buffalo wings. The consistency was also perfect as it dripped over each piece, yet was still thick enough to grab on and be absorbed by the aforementioned breading.

Overall, the 45th Street Pub’s wings were an absolute delight to eat. They had everything I look for in a wing: Crispy skin, juicy meat, and (most importantly) a killer sauce. Though they have plenty of flavors to choose from, this critic goes in for the simplicity that is the Buffalo flavor. And boy did the “Four-Five” satisfy that craving with their Hot sauce. From the moment the wings arrived until the last bone hit the bowl, a huge smile stayed on my face reminding me that I made a great decision ordering wings here. I highly recommend that you stop in and grab a smile for yourself.

45th Street Pub
2545 45th St, Pennsauken, NJ 08110
(856) 488-4578