October 22, 2014

Liberty Union Bar and Grill

For the Chester County Wingfest, thirteen restaurants joined forces to raise money to benefit Family Service of Chester County. During this event, if anyone at your table ordered wings, a portion of the bill would go directly to Family Service of Chester County in the form of a donation. I felt this was a perfect time to show my support by stopping into Liberty Union Bar and Grill, which was one of the participating restaurants, and order some wings.

The restaurant was quite large with a lot of sit down seating and a clean environment which made it extremely family friendly. But, no matter how large the building was, the parking lot didn’t even come close as it had very limited room. Luckily for me, I had someone pulling out right as I arrived which was like icing on the cake (or should I say hot sauce on the wing plate). The menu listed a 10 count or 20 count of “Buffalo NY Wings” prepared with a Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, or Bee Sting sauces and also had a Cajun dusted option.

I ordered my 10 tossed in Hot with a side of the Extra Hot and Bee Sting to sample (along with my usual beer and fries), and when they arrived the wings couldn’t have been presented any better. The plating was simple, yet elegant, with a long rectangular vessel that carried the wings on one side and carrots and celery split with a cup of blue cheese on the other. The wings were an average size with the red sauce just teasing me for a bite, so bite I did. The chicken was a typical bar wing, meaning it was average size and tenderness, so I turned to the sauce to see if anything was elevated. The sauce, though it added a slight sizzle to my lips, was nothing out of the ordinary. It was simply a Frank’s RedHot cut with butter… or at least it tasted that way. This is not a bad thing because I am a fan of Frank’s RedHot. However, when I am looking for the next best thing, I get slightly saddened when nothing original has been done to amplify that base to a new level. I threw on the Extra hot only to find the same sauce minus the butter. In fact, it actually reminded me of the Extra Hot variety that Frank’s makes. I may be wrong, but that is sure what it tasted like. I switched gears and headed over to the Bee Sting sauce which brought a nice bar-be-cue flavor with a hint of smoke, sweetness, and a little kick of hot sauce. It was a nice change of pace from the other sauces because it added more depth in flavor than the straight vinegar and pepper. However, I like my heat a bit more than “a little kick,” so mixing it with the Extra Hot did the trick for the remainder of the wings, allowing me to finish up with a smile.

In the end, the Liberty Union Bar brought me exactly what I ordered: a plate of Buffalo wings. Nothing out of the ordinary here except the fact that they were the fanciest plate of wings I have seen in a while. If you are looking for something more from this dish, I recommend ordering them Bee Sting style and throwing a side of Extra Hot all over them to make a nice medley of sweet and heat. I can also rest easy knowing that my cravings for wings that night aided in helping a good cause.

Liberty Union Bar and Grill
325 Simpson Dr., Chester Springs, PA 19425
(484) 359-4061