Peanut Bar

It isn’t too often that I end up in Reading, PA, so when I found out that’s where work was taking me, I took this opportunity to see who had some great wings for me to try out. In my quest, I found a place called Jimmie Kramer’s Peanut Bar which has appeared on the […]

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The other day, I was talking to someone who was boasting about how great the wings were at Prospector’s in Mt. Laurel. Prospector’s is a Steakhouse/Saloon, and was not really the place I would think of to look for good wings. However, the whole reason I started this site was to find great wings in […]

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Charlie’s Bar

When you create a site about Buffalo wings, people from all over do not hesitate to let you in on their favorite spot to find the best wings. After a “Suggest a Joint” request from Ashley and a personal recommendation from Walt, a colleague of mine, I felt that this place may have something to […]

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Thunderbird Steak House

I received another “Suggest a Joint” the other day to stop into a little dive in Broomall, PA called Thunderbird Steak House. According to Joseph, who sent the request, the Original Thunderbird ranks within his top 5 wing places primarily due to the flavor of the wings. So I made the trip to see what […]

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Warwick Tavern

Being a wing lover in South Jersey, I routinely come across people who tell me that if I want the best wings around I need to go to The Jug Handle Inn. Well I have been there, and I didn’t think they were that spectacular. However, the other week I received a “Suggest a Joint” request […]

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