Check out these great recipe favorites submitted by our fans!

Kramer’s Signature Wings

Recipe submitted by Kramer’s Gourmet Foods This is the first Wing Rub that I’ve heard of and had to give it a whirl. The unique spice blend works perfectly in creating that added extra heat. …
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Matt’s Sweet & Sneaky Hot Wings

Recipe submitted by Matt Tierney Though it had more of a Jerk flavoring than a Buffalo, I was still very impressed with this recipe. I grilled the wings then tossed them in the sauce and threw them ba…
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Theresa’s Wingderful Wings

Recipe submitted by Theresa Santa Maria This recipe takes a little more time with the preparation but is well worth it. Baking the wings after you fry them really sets the sauce into the breading and …
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Loup Garou Cajun Ghost Wings

Recipe submitted by Heartbreaking Dawns I made these wings during Labor Day weekend, and man did they deliver. I followed Johnny’s advice by heavily coating the chicken in the Cajun spice blend …
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Bloody Bat Wings

Recipe submitted by For Halloween I felt it would be appropriate to add a little freaky creepy to the festivities by making our own Bat Wings! With a bit of prep and a couple of blac…
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Buffalo Wings In Hell

Recipe submitted by Suzanne’s Kitchen This is an incredible recipe that I had the pleasure of trying first hand down at the Peppers Tailgate Party in Rehoboth Beach, DE. It only made sense that …
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Pappy’s Quick Pepper Pickling Process

Recipe submitted by Farmer Pappy If you have an abundance of hot peppers, this pickling process is a quick and easy way to preserve them. This recipe yielded two pint-sized jars of pickled peppers whi…
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